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Klub Biegacza Bolewice

We agree that the real success is the courage to start running. Instead of running, we chose preparing a logo for a runners club which domain is a huge passion for sport. And we made it! The logo is not only proudly presented by persistent runners on their outfits but it is also displayed at the II National Exhibition of Graphic Signs.

We are delighted that our logo came across such a warm welcome both in the design industry and among sport enthusiasts. Maybe this will motivate us to start running.

Koba Cocktail Bar

Koba Coctail Bar raises standards very high in their industry thanks to an accurate combination of modern interior and sophisticated bartending skills of the staff. All refined to the finest detail. Preparing the identification for such place was quite a challenge.

Our work on the trademark was parallel with the interior designer’s work – that was an added value which was carried over in a space perfectly adapted to implement the brand.
Photo: Weronika Trojanowska

Sowiński i Partnerzy

Polish law in the eyes of an average citizen might seem difficult and complicated. However, the same law submitted by professionals, becomes more understandable and clear. This is exactly how we wanted to present Poznań office of legal counsels – in clear, black and white, modern way.

Cooperation on the company’s identification was extremely satisfying for us, because we only left ourselves work with typography.

Cloud9 Language Studio

Cloud9 is the result of combining effective learning and design moving with the times. A trademark based on typographic elements enabled us to create a key visual fully reflecting a modern approach to learning.

Clear communication, refined graphic elements and colours make clarified message of the brand its biggest strenght and logo components can be perfectly presented both on the plane and in 3D.


SM Protect provides a wide range of service, installation and maintenance of security systems. The developed brand sign has been implemented in a flexible key visual illustrating a wide range of security and facilities monitoring activities.

Based on typography, we have designed icons enhancing the reception value and emphasising the identification consistence.


Work in progress.

Style Electro Tie

Work in progress.